Careem may not be a good fit for you, and that's okay.

We know not everyone thrives in Careem’s unique environment.

Different people have different priorities and ways of working. Many people who are incredibly talented find that their career ambitions are better met in larger, smaller, older, or younger organisations. It's important that you consider what Careem offers, and what it doesn’t.

Five reasons NOT to join Careem

Your top priority is cash compensation

There are much easier places to earn a paycheck, if you’re considering coming to Careem just for the money, we strongly encourage you to reconsider.

You're looking for a comfortable 9 to 5

Our ambition is to radically simplify and improve lives for millions across the region and we’re never going to get that done clocking in and clocking out. We out hustle the competition and see projects through to delivering impact no matter how long it takes.

You thrive with structure and certainty

We iterate our operating model, business strategy and ways of working all the time. Some people find this agility invigorating, other find it maddening. If you’re looking for a lot of systems, processes and predictability Careem probably isn’t the best place for you.

Your ideal growth opportunity is being sent on a course

We respect formal education, but the learning we offer at Careem is mostly hands on. If you’re looking for an employer to pay for your MBA, you should look elsewhere.

You want a fancy corner office

Our CEO doesn’t have one! We’re a startup at heart and invest our resources in growth bets and customer experience. We have comfortable work spaces and pretty good coffee. But you have never seen our offices in the pages of Architectural Digest and we’re not big on hierarchy.

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