We are guided by our values

Realising our purpose requires strong values. They guide behaviors and decisions. They are the algorithms that our brain uses to process information before it outputs an action or a decision. When understood and followed at scale, shared values unleash potential. They build trust among colleagues, align decisions and actions in the right direction, and they radically reduce the need for bureaucracy. All lasting organisations are values-driven. Careem’s six values are:

Value #1

not employees

Value #2

To the moon
and beyond

Value #3

Matters (EEM)

Value #4

to developing
each other

Value #5

for our

Value #6

a lasting

Careem celebrates first Values Fest

In September 2023, we celebrated our first Values Fest. Colleagues around the region gathered today to celebrate and talk all things values! From surprise speakers, quizzes, and prizes to special guests and good old teamwork, it was an epic day that energized our teams and reminded us of the importance of living these values in our daily lives.

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